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Using Inbuilt Tracker


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Long time user of utorrent but first time I've ever needed to create a private torrent to share some files with a friend. I've read the FAQ's and I've even read several external tutorials but I can't get it to work.

For starters, I'm behind Windows firewall and I use a wireless router. All my ports are forwarded ok though and I always seed on a 'Green' light. I have the tracker enabled and I've enabled Web UI.

I don't have a static IP address so I use a dyndns address -create the torrent by clicking on 'Create New Torrent' and use


Torrent saves ok, but when it drops into the seeding list, it goes red and I get the message

'No connection can be made because the target machine actively refused it'

One tutorial I read said that I should use my internal IP address to create the torrent. I tried that, ity opens fine and on a green light but the person who I want to share with cannot connect -which makes sense as how would it know where to 'look'?

Anyone got any ideas?

Many Thanks

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I have enabled WebUI in the settings, chosen a username and password. Once thing I do notice is that the 'apply' button is greyed out. However, if I click ok, leave the settings and then go back to them I notice that everything is still there so I'm assuming it's enabled (I have enabled the tracker in the advanced options), but there again, the Apply button is greyed out.

If then go to IE and put in


I just get 'page cannot be displayed' message.

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Not sure what to say then, because µTorrent wouldn't time out -- it would at least ask for login details. That means µTorrent isn't even reached.

Does it at least work from a remote location (rather than from within your own network)? Some routers block loopback connections.

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