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uTorrent not removing .!ut suffix


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Greetings... Windows XP Pro, uTorrent 1.8.1 (build 12639)

Perhaps it is best if I describe what I did.

After downloading 1000 files and removing the torrent from uTorrent,

I realized I need one more that is in the same torrent.

So I double click the torrent file, it opens in uTorrent, but I tell it NOT to start, because I want to select one the one I didn't get... I then added the one file I needed... but uTorrent changed ALL the old ones I had downloaded to have a ".!ut" suffix, and no matter how I force recheck, all at 100% it will not remove the suffix.

My question... At what point does uT remove the ".!ut" suffix from 100% downloaded files?

I need to do that action to have it fix all the files that it renamed. Strange that it does this.

How do I get uT to rename them back, because they ARE all, except one 100% there.

Otherwise, it looks like I will have to go through all of them and rename them! *phew*


Ok, discovered the problem!!! *ahem* Two torrents with the same NAME!

The moment I ran the SECOND one, and did a Force Recheck, it removed the siffixes from all the files, leaving them in their proper state. *PHEW*

(How do I delete this thread again?)


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