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Stats: Show "Total Uploaded" & "Total Downloaded" in TB (Terabyte)


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Can you please update "Total Uploaded" & "Total Downloaded" found in the stats window to support display of TB (Terabyte) instead of just GB (Gigabyte).

So once it reaches 1,000 GB it should change to TB. This is disk space we are talking about, not memory. So that's why 1,000 GB and not 1,024 GB.

Unless of course you really meant to display it in GIB (Gibibyte), then of course it would be 1,024 GIB equals 1 TIB (Tebibyte).



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1,000 GB isn't 1 TB, 1,024 GB is 1 TB.

Disk space and memory space (among many other computer-related things) are calculated in a base 2 number system, to get this it's approximately 2^40 (2, raised to the 40th power)


The capacities of computer storage devices are typically advertised using their SI standard values, but the capacities reported by software operating systems uses the binary values.

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