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more than one user--network only works for one


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Just discovered another bug (or is a feature?) ;)

If I have uTorrent running under my user account, with the uTorrent Network Preferences set to use NAT-uPnP automatically, uTorrent is able to establish a hole through my hardware router and establish incoming connections (I "get a green light"). However, if I then switch to my wife's account without logging out, and start up uTorrent on her account, and have the same setting, utorrent shows a "red light" and it can't establish incoming connections.

IIRC, running uTorrent on two user accounts simultaneously wasn't a problem for me in my PC days running uTorrent on Windows XP.

But correct me if I'm wrong....

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Well, I'll be darned...........

It seems to be working now under both user accounts (I had set both to randomize ports and automatically use NAT-uPnP). I must've been bleary-eyed...I could've sworn they were different ports and one wasn't working.

Well, scratch one bug I think! Sorry about that.


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