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RSS reader doens't show full contents of title tag


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RSS feed in use: http://www.animesuki.com/rss.php

The live bookmark in firefox shows everything in the <title></title> tag.

µTorrent1.4 is sometimes not displaying the information in [ ] that is contained in the title tag.

as of this post, an example in the feed is <title>Blood+ 13 [bakakozou]</title>

µTorrent1.4 = Blood+ 13

Firefox = Blood+ 13 [bakakozou]

i am making an assumption that µTorrent is using the title tag.

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well if it is supposed to remove stuff in the [ ] it does not do it all the time either.

for example, the RSS reader displays <title>Kagihime 2 [N-A]</title> as Kagihime 2 [N-A]

yet it displays <title>Blood+ 13 [bakakozou]</title> as Blood+ 13

so it apparently isn't ignoring stuff inside [] all the time.

i didn't see anywhere in the options or advanced options to change the functionality of the RSS reader, before i posted here in the first place.

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