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Force Re-Check on previously incomplete, now complete


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I have not duplicated this bug, but maybe someone can verify it has happened to them before as well. Here's the situation: I was trying to download the same torrent from two different trackers because there were 0 seeds on both for some time (the only difference was the sfv of one had comments and the sfv of the other did not, every other file is identical). Here's what happened:

· Torrent completes from tracker A.

· I stop torrent B and make a backup of its folder.

· I copy the data from A to B.

· I force recheck on B => 99.9% complete, "downloading".

· I compare data from sfv between backup of B and A, and notice the difference.

· I stop torrent B.

· I recopy data from A to B again, since the last piece was probably shared between some other files.

· I copy sfv from backup of B to B.

· I force recheck on B => 99.9% complete, "downloading".

· I remove torrent B from uTorrent and add it again.

· I force recheck on B => 100% complete, "seeding".

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