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I`ve been reading the forum threads and thought it would be a good idea to post working setups. It seems several people who are new to using a bit torrent client are alittle lost on how to get everything working. So I was thinking of posting like this -

Mac computer type -

Os version -

Internet connection type -

Router type -

Router configuration -

Firewall setup -

Etc. -

Obviously this is nowhere near complete and has nothing but room for improvement. I just thought a sort of howto setup guide might help the new user reap the benefits.

Your thoughts ?


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Please post this. That is exactly what I am looking for and cant find.

- i'm having issues with having to reload torrents after utorrent closes.

- seemingly perpetual download states even after un-checking select none just so i can seed files

If anyone has already posted on this please link me.\


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