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utorrent use causing browser failure


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I am using Vista Business on a Celeron 2400 PC, I have IE7, Google Chrome and Opera browsers; I have a 256 kbs download service from my ISP. Over the past two weeks I had found difficulty in accessing websites in Chrome, when I launched the other browsers they had the same problem.

Messages included

Error 105(net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED):the source server could not be found.

More often

Unable to determind IP address from help.yahoo.com.

Domain name invalid.

I tried changing my AVG Firewall - no change. I turned off AVG firewall and turned on Windows firewall - no change. I flushed DNS - no change. I spent hours with online tech help from my ITS - no change.

Today I discovered that when I switched off utorrent, the problems disappeared for all browsers.

I suggest utorrent investigate a remedy.

Thank you. If you need more information from me, contact via www.hibrasil.biz

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