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Help port not open


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I downloaded new version of utorrent, and it says port not open. Port for utorrent says 51567. I am pretty sure my static ip address is set up right. Under network connections/properties/tcp/ip dot is use following ip address: subnet: default gateway:

Under run/cmd/ipconfig /all

posted screen shot: cmndprmptor8.png

I have a westell a90-750015-07 modem my isp is: verizon. I went on the verizon interface/ screen shot: ver1il3.th.png

under port forwarding/ screen shot: ver2ar8.th.png

I have read so many forums and tutorials but since there is no exact port forwarding guide for my exact modem I am clueless to what else could possibly be the issue? My firewall is off through windows and verizon security suite.

Someone Please help me Thank you!

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