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Port fowarding and speed issues


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I have been using utorrent for years now and never had a problem. However over the holiday weekend i went away and when i got back i had noticed my computer had shut down(almost never turn it off). I started to download some files that i normally download and all of a sudden i noticed that my speeds seemed to be alot slower(normally get 200-300kB now 50-60kB) and the amount of seeds were next to nothing(not the numbers in () but the ones to the left). I have been downloading a file for 4 hours now with over 12000 seeders and the highest I am connecting to is 19 with a download speed of 30-40. On other files were i do have a decent amount of seeders( 35(60) )i am on downloading a 10-20kB. After looking at the guides I had notice that the little icon on the bottom of my page,that was always green with a check is now sometimes turning into the yellow triangle for time to time. Also did the port forwarding check and it states, error port not open. I have a labtop that i use also(on the same network) that has the the little green icon on all the time but still has the same port problem.

So I guess my ? is, is the port forwarding the problem here or am i completely barking up the wrong tree. If anyone could give me an idea what may be wrong I would greatly appreciate. I am kind of new to all the tech aspect of utorrent so if anything stated doesn't make sense, please let me know and i will try to clarify. Thank you in advance for any responses

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