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Portforwarding refuses to work


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Hey everyone,

Okay, so lately my uTorrent has been doing this really annoying thing where it will be going like 400kb/s for a little while and then all of a sudden all of the downloads just stop. even though they're all well seeded, both the downloading and upload will suddenly turn off. for the first little while, all i had to do was exit and restart uTorrent every couple of hours. but now, i'm lucky if i get it going 30kb/s.

i decided to finally sit down and get through that port forwarding process. i followed the tutorials for both the static ip and port forwarding, triple checking everything i did.

when i finally finish and plug in the supposedly opened port into uTorrent and do the test to see if its opened properly, i still get the message saying it isn't open.

it was bad enough when they started throttling my torrents a couple months ago, and now with this happening i think i'm gonna go crazy.

does anyone have any suggestions? i'd really appreciate any help you can offer.


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I have this problem aswell, checked everything on my router, put everything open, but still says not connectable (red dot), or no incoming connections (orange dot). So then I tried my old client Transmission, and checked the port with transmission, and says its open! And after a few seconds the dot in uTorrent turns green! How weird is that!

So for now I'll keep Transmission running along uTorrent just for the freaking port. Maybe Transmission can map it better?? I don't know... Its weird...

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