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Need serious help with port-forwarding!


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Hi people, I'm new here and with port-forwarding so please bear with me.

First, I live in Kosovo and I have Kujtesa ISP. I think I have dynamic IP ( this is my actual IP : I read alot at portforward how to set up a static IP, but nope it didn't work.

I have a modem* called Thomson THG 520. When I go to its web interface, there is nothing I can do, here's a screenshot portforwardwh2.th.jpg

I gave my ISP a call and I asked for DNS as I followed instructions at portforward.com and tried changing the dhcp range, but it didn't work. Does IP addresses that starts with 10.xxx.xxx.xxx are un-forwardable? When I called ISP a long time ago asking for static IP, they offered me for 50 euros. Maybe I have no choice and so I need to buy it???

So, if my modem* is unconfigurable maybe that I only have to set up my firewall or what??

Please help me!!!

Maybe my English is not perfect 'cause its not my native lang.

*I dont know if its a modem, beacuse I can connect a telephone and talk with over VOIP (they have this service)

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