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At the moment, the only thing the log seems to display is hash fails. It would be really good if the log could display when torrents start, when they finish downloading and the average speed they downloaded with, and maybe other things like when a 1:1 ratio was reached etc.

It seems like such a waste to have a log there but not use it to display useful information.

Btw, thanks for a great app.

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That lists a load of information about every packet that gets transferred. Might be useful to some, but i'm guessing not to most people. I am really surprised that simple things like I mentioned in my first post are not logged in the log.

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Scanty log - this is only thing that don't satisfy me in µTorrent.

I want to see next things in log:

- what files (file name or torrent name) I have been download or what files were downloaded from my PC

- how many information was transferred during upload/download per file/torrent

- at what time was uploading of file/torrent start and end

Is it possible to make such improvement?

there are nothing usefull or interesting to look at messages such as

[2009-11-08 01:19:10] [µTorrent/ (0.0)]: Send Have 387


[2009-11-08 01:23:18] [µTorrent/ (0.0)]: Handshake completed

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