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Port Suddenly Not Open


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For a few days I've been using uTorrent and everything has been downloading fine. Port appeared to be open, and I was getting speeds over 150K. Then, all of a sudden, yesterday things slowed to a halt. The connection icon now seems to change sporadically between red, yellow, and green (with yellow the most frequent) and my speeds have dropped to almost nothing. I think 40k is where I've maxed at, but in general I'm stuck somewhere between 10-20. Can't figure out why this would happen. Never changed anything with my router, anti-virus, or firewall. I've tried shutting off both the anti-virus and the firewall, and it doesn't change a thing. Internet is still working great, speeds there are fine.

Anyone have any ideas?

Software: uTorrent 1.8.1

System: Windows XP 2002 SP2

Antivirus: Avast! 4.8

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