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Yes, forwarding issues


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I'm using a netgear WRG614 v7 wireless router.

I've got the machine in question as the only "wired" unit. In the router I've reserved an address based off the firmware's GUI (just click the radio button by the connected device and keep/assign a new address).

**i know the ip should be outside the range, but the netgear allows you to simply reserve an ip that falls in the range for a specific MAC**

I've also set port forwarding to both a randomly generated and self-generated port. I've run speed tests as offered and read the FAQs.

Although I can occasionally get above 100kb/s download I still show the yellow triangle and the port doesn't show open.

Also, I'm unable to find any DNS servers in either the router or the modem. Consequently I've had to try using the routers Static IP method (which seems to work) versus setting it in XP.

Any thoughts?

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