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uTorrent slowdown, router issue?


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Im trying to transfer one 30 GB torrent and one 65 GB torrent from my laptops into my desktop in order to reinstall windows and format the HDDs on both. I am doing this using both the wireless and wired ethernet from a WRT54G using firmware version 8.00.2. I have read the FAQ regarding the router, but both of the links on that page for the thirdparty firmware upgrades are dead, plus the firmware versions mentioned in that post doesn't seem to have anything to do with the firmware version that I have. The problem that I am experiencing is that at during the transfer, I start out at about 5 MBps and then after an couple of hours, the speed either stops completely or drops to about 9 kBps. I am not running any other torrents. I do not have Nvidia firewall or any of the other troublesome applications mentioned in the sticky frum post regarding that. Can someone point me in the right direction regarding the router firmware upgrade, and possibly update the FAQ to reflect that information?

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