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Advice on inital seeding


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I'm not having a speed "problem" per se, but I'm a regular uploader to TPB and other sites and I was wondering if anybody had a recommendation for the best settings for doing the initial seed. My connection has 712kbps up.

More specifically, by the time my first peer completes I've uploaded 2-3x more data than the torrent is big. So, by the time a 1GB torrent completes I've uploaded 2-3GB of data. I assume the reason for this is because the client seeds to whoever asks for it and doesn't check or care whether it's already sent that bit of data. Is there currently any way to adjust your settings so you send less duplicate data? Will such a feature ever be implemented? Does any client do anything to have more efficient initial seeding?

Thanks for any information you may have for me!

Edit: I just found this and I feel stupid. Sorry! :x


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