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ussually late joining swarm, up to 30 secconds


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I am seeding at 3 private trackers and am joining the swarm via irssi pearl scripts that trigger off a bot announce of a new torrent (which rules and filters etc)

Anyways I look at session times (how long you've been connected) and I'm often up to 30 secconds connected less than other peers (there will be a fastest time I can compare too that many people share, like 3min 10 sec and mine will say 3min or 2m45s etc)

I've noticed other peers have simular issues but people using rtorrent seem to be immune to this

on a rare occasion I'm tied for fastest or 1 sec off but it's like I say fairly rare

on these trackers 30 seconds makes the difference between a ratio of 10 and a ratio of 5

Is there some way I can make utorrent more agressive in contacting the tracker? Like a timeout of 3 seconds on a scrape?

or some other solution?

perhaps the developers should look into why utorrent takes longer to scrape than rtorrent

I can't imagine it being my host causing a connection to the tracker to take so long (maybee 1 sec not 30), it's well connected (not ovh, or root, or keyweb)

edit: just did a wipe of my torrents to free up space and now I"m always joining within 2 secconds of the start of a torrent session.... this leads me to belive that the 100-200 0day/mp3 releases I"m seeding are really slowing utorrent down (either in talking to tracker or torrent file loading)

Is it possible there is some kinda que on tracker update? Like if I have 5 0day releases trying to update and then another new torrent comes it has to wait for the others to scrape???

I would stop dl/seeding the 0day/mp3 but they are freeleech :(

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