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confusing speed problem


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I am currently on a 1500/256 internet plan with telstra bigpond in Australia and i have 2 laptops, one which has a broken screen so i dont use it anymore and the other is fine and also a little newer so it is a better comp all round, my problem is with the new comp i have the same version of utorrent running on both computers and have the same exact setting on both computers i ran the speed test a few times and i am not exactly sure on how to configure my settings correctly but i am sownloading one item that seems to run rather slow but when i turn on the other computer and download the exact same item it speed rises to over 80 as the new computer sits on 20 or under occasionaly hovering up to 30 or so but back down to 20 in no time at all, i have been told that 80 kbs is slow for my connection any way and was wondering if anyone knows what the ideal setting for my uploads and everything else would be for a 1500/256 conection that hasnt been slowed by the isp i also have noticed that in the utorrent setting bar at the bottom of utorrent has a little yellow icon that states there is a problem with my network configuration, any help would be much appreciated as i have just cancelled an appointment for a hair cut because i have already pulled it all out lol

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