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Multi User & Settings Button Help


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I am trying to prevent users from editing the settings.

I 2 utorrent webui account on my server. My friend

started to use the server but changed the settings..

which made the server very unstable (using too much

cache / mem and using too many torrent which did

cause disk overload).

I know it's impossible to prevent that he can't change

the settings 100% but it would be nice if there would

be some protection..

I'm currently using version: 0.361

Things that didn't work for me:


''In main.css, look for

div#toolbar a#setting span

Inside of its braces ({}), add

display: none;


You can probably edit style.css by replacing

div#t div#setting {background: transparent url(./images/toolbar2.png) no-repeat -168px center}


div#t div#setting {display: none;}


Am I doing something wrong or are these edits not working anymore

in the new version? And if so, what do I need to change?

Thank you very much and Merry XMAS!

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