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Speed Drop


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When I first ran utorrent, my speeds were great, regularly clocking in over 85 kb/s. Lately, though, they've been having trouble getting over 5 kb/s. I haven't adjusted any of the main settings. However, I have heard of internet companies monitoring usage and restricting those with large flows of data. Is this what has likely happened to me? Is there a way around this, or can I count on utorrent running at this slow speed always? Thanks.


So, now I'm getting the full 80 kbs from other music torrents, while the earlier, slow torrents are still less than 2 kbs. The interesting thing is when the fast, music torrents are running, a green checkmark appears at the bottom, indicating a good network connection. But when they are not and the slower torrents are, it switches to a caution sign. I'm not altering any settings, so why is the network connection changing? The seed counts are roughly the same.

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