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Small problems with utorrent for Mac


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I've been using utorrent on my Mac for a few weeks now, and it seems to provide much faster download speeds than Transmission, which is great.

However, I've noticed that once I am seeding, utorrent tends to upload at rates well below my upload limit, whereas Transmission almost always stayed on or near my limit. This makes it more difficult to seed the torrent to other downloaders.

Also, I've noticed that the "Remove all files" option does not work properly (again, compared with Transmission). The torrent files are not removed at all, and the downloaded files are completely deleted, rather than being moved to the trash (a safer option, I think).

That is all I've noticed so far - thanks for the great work!

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As you may have noticed in the forum, it is normal to delete everything by doing what you`ve said. Except the torrent files. This is a bug and will surely be fixed.

Concerning your first point: Is there any upload limit? I can tell you that I´ve had never a bad experience with uploading. Sometimes it is normal to "slow up" and depends on some aspects which may be familiar to you, because you sound like an experienced torrent user.

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