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Weird Speed Variation...


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K guys, im brand new here so im not sure if this belongs in the speed section, or the troubleshooting one but im sure it'l be moved if im wrong. Anyway, my problem is that if i download say 2 files at a time of 4 gigs, i get around 90 kB/s total, but if i download 9 files totaling about 50 gigs, i get 290 kB/s!! now obviously that number is spread unevenly across 9 different files, so some dl at 40-50 and some at 10. Why is it when i stop all torrents except for 1 or 2 that i dont continue having a higher download speed? i certainly dont expect 290 kB/s but i usually get around 190-200 kB/s with like 10 or more seeds...any help will be appreciated, or i'll have to wait about a week for these all to finish =p


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