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Firewall limiting incoming network connections. Help!!!


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My utorrent which was working fine 2 weeks backs has suffered with poor speeds and the port appears to be blocked. I tried disabling the firewall in my comp but the result was the same. I have already opened ports in my router but yet utorrent says that the ports are not open. I tried checking the port using 'netstat -an | find /i "56666" ' on command prompt to see if my port is open, it resulted as " LISTENING". If the port was open, it should have been "192.168.1.xxx:56666 ESTABLISHED". So though I have opened the port, it is not able to use that port.

So could someone help me with fixing this issue? I don't understand if this is a problem with utorrent or my router. Currently, I'm using Quidway WA1003A router. I've gone through www.portforward.com and opened the port 56666. Please Help!!!

Please help me.

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