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Ports are blocked when connected directly to modem, No firewall.


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My ports are really messed up, for some reason all of the are blocked.

I connected directly to my modem to see if the router was the issue, and still the ports were blocked.

I just uninstalled Nod32, and windows firewall isn't even installed.

I am using a Motorola cable modem, model number sb5100

and a Linksys router model number wrt54g v 8.00.0

Connected through DHCP

Windows XP sp3

I can't find any logical explanation for what is happening.

It was working good until up to a week ago.

I've searched many other topics, but have not yet found the right answer.

Any help guiding me through fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yea and its not just Utorrent, azureus,

i scanned the ports with a port scanner everything is blocked.

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