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uTorrent with SSH tunnel as proxy


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I'm trying to use ssh to use another machine as a proxy server for my torrent traffic. I'm a noob with ssh, and this is what I've used to tunnel my IRC successfully:

ssh -D 8080 -Nf my.torrent.downloading.computer.com

Obviously that domain is bunk, I use my remote computer's IP address. When I configure my IRC client to use the socks5 proxy at localhost:8080, it works. uTorrent doesn't. One caveat: Last night I was futzing around with flags and I did manage to get it to work. However, I was very tired and foolishly did not write down the command and shut my computer off. To the best of my knowledge, p2p was working fine. I've already configured the client properly to use proxy servers. Please help! :(

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