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Specify actual Save As path instead of container in /DIRECTORY


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It seems there's a mis-behaviour in the commande line /directory option .

Imagine someone creates a torrent from the content of the content_folder directory.

The name property in the .torrent will be content_folder too.

By default the torrent name is content_folder.torrent .

I rename it renamed_torrent.torrent (just for the demonstration)

No if I want to use utorrent with commande line in order to get the content of the torrent in C:\destination folder

I'll type :

utorrent /directory "C:\destination_folder" "renamed_torrent.torrent"

You guess utorrent will save in C:\destination_folder ?

NO !!!

Actually in 18.1 it save in C:\destination_folder\content_folder\

In fact utorrent seems to use the name property in the torrent.file to create a folder under the desired folder.

The behaviour makes the /directory command useless for scripting use cause it always depends of the name property in the .torrent .

Is it possible to save the content strictly in the indicated folder ? I remember I laready used 1.7 versions with the good behaviour . Strange ! :)


Edit (Ultima): Thread renamed, originally named "/DIRECTORY command line bug".

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