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i think if u do this update to LABELS it will be awsome


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lately i began to use labels and its really agreat feature in utorrent

i use in my private trackers to know which trackers am connecting to ..etc

also i use it to know separate my downloaded torrents by type : softwares, tv shows , movies ...etc

-main point if u can make the utorrent user add an icon to each label so it can be easy on him to browse his categorys

and it will be an awsome update in the new version of utorrent

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i agree in a way. But would it be handy that the label is been used as a name for a subdirectory name. And in that subdirectory would be every file labeled by that label?

i.e. I use differenet directories already and when the file in complete, the file moves to a other (only one) directory. Onnly here it is diffecult to find the right file because of the large number of files.

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