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just downloaded utorrent. need help with two things.


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#1 - when i click to download a torrent, it automatically opens limewire and tries to download it there. how do i change the .torrent file extension association to utorrent instead of limewire. the only directions in the guide refer to how to do it with Windows, not OS X.

#2 - the highest download speed i've been able to get is 20 kbps and highest upload 80 kbps. Why can't i download any faster than that? i'm on my laptop using wireless with full bars though. on limewire, i can get up to 150-200 kbps, but i dont know what the deal is with utorrent.

thanks for any help you can give me.

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As far as trying to get your files to open with utorrent as the default you should be able to right-click on the file you want, then select "Get Info". Once that box appears at the bottom you will see something that says "open with" change that to the program you want then select ok. That should set it as the default from now on too.... hope that helps...

I don't know much to tell you about your speeds other than you might want to check your router settings...

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What itsOtto has written is correct for point #1 except if you want to let uTorrent open torrents regularily, you have to check "change all" directly at the bottom of the programm you are choosing. So every torrent will be opened with uTorrent and not only this specific file.

Point #2: Limewire does just fine, but uTorrent doesn´t? It may be the router for sure, especially the chosen port, which Limewire used and which is different from that one uTorrent does. Or it maybe the OS X firewall in case you have chosen "define access for certain programms and services."

I guess it`s most likely to be your router and/or your firewall.

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Okay. I forwarded the port for the router. And I also added utorrent to the firewall app allow list.

But my download speeds are still about the same - 15-30 kbps. And now the light at the bottom right is yellow instead of green.

Any other setting I need to change?

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You don`t need to put it on the list if you`ve checked option No. 3. OS X will ask you the first time a new app`s running and wants the internet.

If you`ve manually put the app on the list, go check wheter it is allowed for incoming connections or not.

So the light turn`s yellow? Did you wait long enough to see if it changes to green? Sometimes it depends on your router`s working speed how fast it will change.

Try to download a torrent with many seeders. Just in case you haven`t read the guides all around here. It depends on your peers. If you`re the one with a unique file and others want it from you, but you`ve decided to give it just at a speed of, let`s say, 5kB/sec., then no one will get it at any speed above your limitations.

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I checked, and I have the firewall to "Set access for specific services and applications"

I then added utorrent and it is set to "Allow incoming connections"

As for the yellow light, it's still yellow. :-/

I've been downloading one torrent for three days, and it still says it has 3 weeks left.

7 of 596 seeds, 26 of 2511 peers.

Not sure what other settings I need to change.


In the utorrent Preferences > Network:

I have the Incoming TCP port fixed.

I have the "Randomize port during launch" unchecked.

I also have the "Automatically map port (using NAT-PMP or UPnP)" unchecked.

Are these settings right?


Thanks so much for your help! You're great!

Edit: Tonight it finally turned green intermittently, but still averages about 15 kbps for download speed.

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