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[Auto-load torrents] Downloading into the same directory


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I'm using uTorrent remotely through WebUI and get the files through FTP. I find it very useful to be able to upload the torrent to a specific folder (eg D:\Torrents) and have it start right away (using auto-load+erase torrent feature).

What's nasty about the process is that I have to manually label every single torrent I load onto the server to have them move into a specific folder once finished (eg D:\Shows).

What would be great is to be able to have uTorrent to look for torrent files in a set of folders/subfolders, auto-load them and get the files downloaded right into that folder.

This way the user could:

1. Set a root directory for auto-load (in my case, D:)

2. Place a torrent in a subfolder (D:\Shows)

3. Have the torrent download into that very folder without having to worry about labels, default destinations, moving seeding files through FTP, etc.

Since the user could have houndreds of subdirectories in a given path, it would be good to be able to limit the directory depth of the crawling for new torrent files in Advanced Settings. A default of 1 or 2 levels should be enough for most cases. This means uTorrent would look for torrents no further than D:\Shows\Lost, thus avoiding an excess system load. Even if the delay of auto-loading should increase a few seconds, this feature would save a lot of time and effort.

I'm sorry if this has been somehow suggested before, I couldn't find it though.

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