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A quick question on the colour's shown in the Files 'Pieces' staus bar


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I am using uT 1.8.1, and beauty it is too.

I know that the coloured sections shown in the staus bar indicate what is /has been d-loaded, has completed d-loading, has been 'skipped' in d-load option and active: pale blue, deep blue, red and green, respectively.

At the moment I am d-loading a torrent with Seeds 6(8), Peers 12(25), DL=55kB/s, UL=25kB/s. that's all good.

Clicking Files tab and viewing the Status of each file of the torrent in the 'Pieces' column, there are both pale and deep blue bars, no red as I'm not skipping any of the torrent files/parts, but there is no sign of any Green bars. I have noticed in the past that there are green bars when a d-Load is in progress and I assume that it indicates the parts that are actually being connected to and D-loaded.

I know that the torrent is being d-loaded but just wonder why, at the moment,there are no shows of these Green bars?

Its not a major concern, just a thought.

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