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How to configure my Dynex Router


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Hey, again.

Ok, I now know it's my router that's been giving me the problems. All I need to know now is how to make my router let utorrent map a port. What's weird is that my router has an option to turn on UPNP capabilities, but I still get the yellow incoming connections icon. While when I connect directly to my modem, I get the all-is-okay green icon.

Router: Dynex DX-NRuter Wireless N Router

Modem: Actiontec GT-701 (Non-wireless) << I know the modem is not part of the problem at all, just in case if someone needed to know

Sorry to keep bothering everyone, but I just want to finally download at high speed peacefully. I may not be able to reward anyone, but you'll get a big THANKS from me. Later.

---------------------------------- >>

Now I have this new error:

[2009-01-29 22:32:44] UPnP: ERROR mapping UDP port 60065 -> Deleting mapping and trying again: (10060) Unknown result code (UPnP protocol violation?)

[2009-01-29 22:33:09] UPnP: ERROR removing UDP port 60065: (10060) Unknown result code (UPnP protocol violation?)

[2009-01-29 22:33:33] UPnP: ERROR mapping UDP port 60065 -> (10060) Unknown result code (UPnP protocol violation?)

Not to be mean, but it would be nice to get some support.

*I did some searching around in this forum and found some topics that fixed my problem, unfortunately, the methods don't work on my router. Well, one method work, but I only got the green check mark for half a minute or so. And even if I got the green, I'll run the port checker and the conclusion would be... the usual message I been getting: ERROR Port XXXXX does not appear to be open. :(

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