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I've used Utorrent for years now. Love it. However today I wake up to find red download icons next to my current downloads.

Last night they were all fine. Some had completed but still showed the red and today they just stay on red. Even tho I have somewhat normal download speeds. I have changed nothing since I went to bed

What I have noticed is that if I click on a torrent then look in the trackers tab a number of them are saying "not allowed" and the publick tracker "pirate bay's one" just says (offline timed out) with a counter next to it that counts down, tries to update then times out again.

I'm a total noob when it comes to the settings. I tend not to fiddle (if it aint broke dont fix it). Usually the only thing I change is the upload speed and that's it.

Torrents are by bread and butter and Im just wondering whether this is gonna be a problem that will affect me long term or whether the red icon is moot, considering the upload speeds pretty consistent.

However one of the torrents refuses to download what so ever (Groundhog Day 720p - jonny) and it's bugging me.

Perhaps a few of u can shed some light. Try to be basic. We're talking 5 year old with brain damage. Cos I'm a total nub.

Many thanks in advance.

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