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uTorrent Stops When Compy Inactive


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I'm finding more and more lately that when I come back to my computer after a long time of being away from it (or in the morning), the "speed" tab shows that DL and UL activity are both under 10kbps. However, after moving the mouse, activity jumps back up to the 200kbps range.

I'm thinking that this is more of a computer issue than a program issue. My computer is an Acer Aspire 3680 running XP Home, using uTorrent 1.8.1. I have my power settings as follows:

(when plugged in)

Turn off monitor: after 15 mins

Turn of HD: never

System standby: never

"when I close the lid of my portable computer": Do nothing

I can't help but think this is something to do with my computer, because I doubt that uTorrent keeps track of how often I move my mouse ;) Perhaps it is my ISP? I have protocol encryption enabled.

When I get up in the morning, I open my laptop, and move the mouse. As soon as the screen blinks on, the speed starts picking up on uTorrent (I usually leave the uTorrent screen open so it is the first thing I see).


Many thanks,


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