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odd problem please help


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ok for months now my routher would stop working even though i was conected to the internet i would have to pull plug and restart routher every few hours or even min.

So i hit the reset button and reinstalled all software. made sure ports are forward. lat night i downloaded at 400 a sec. YAY i thought it was fixed but now it crased again when i tried to dl something elce but the one torrent dled fine but its crap all over again.

please help

also my dl speed is down to 20 to 60 kb a second.

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i had the exact same problem For about a month i did exactly what you described... hitting the reset button, reinstalling everything, and then it would work like a charm. For a little while that is, but it wasn't just my computer that would go down. the whole network would crash and id have to reset everything. Unfortunately the only solution i found that worked was replacing the router. And so far the connection hasn't crashed in three straight days now. Just to wonder, what router are you using?

P.S since then my DL has averaged about 16mbps, and my UL is up at 3 mbps...

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ok i have a roughtrt that is a issue a Netgear Rangemax 802.11n WPN824. but my roughter is Netgear Rangemax 802.11n WPN824v2 so lo lowered the global number to 195 i will let you know if there is any issues but illleave the info u wamted anyways just incase it crashes today at work.

my status bar is green all ports are forward right

ok my speed settings are upload limit 35.o kb/s upload slots 4 connections(per-torrent) 80 conections (global) 195 max active torrets 3 max active downloads 2

net.max_halfopen set to 8

Operating system vista but had same problem on xp

Security software installed none ATM

Exact router model netgear rangemax wpn824v2

ISP cable company um if there is a way to check let me know.....

speed test is anyware from 3100kb to 4100kb a second download and always in the 400skb upload.

i think thats all u need but i did chance that 1 thing so ill let u know

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