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Do I Have To Start A New Torrent?


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I am new to uTorrent, I have only been using bittorrent for about 3 weeks.

Anyway as usual I jumped in and downloaded a torrent without any seeds. I then discovered it was quite old (from 2004) but it had a LOT of peers, like 110.

I figured OK, it doesn't have a seed but I kept getting files transfered, so I let it stay and I wanted to see what happend. So for the last week it has been stuck at 98.5%. I thought "OK, I know see what happens when there isn't a seed only peers. You will never get the whole file."

I was telling a friend and he said "I have that file, I'll give it to you." I asked, "Could you seed it?" He said he didn't want to and just gave it to me on a CD."

So now I have the full file and I have a file on my computer at 98.5%.

I figured I would start a new torrent for all those other peers who want the file, but then I thought, "But now they'll have to start over, from scratch." This is correct right?

Or is there a way I can I just replace the file on my computer (the one at 98.5%) with the full file, my friend gave me off the CD? Or do I have to start a new torrent

The friend who gave me the file says he got it off of a torrent, and it is the same size.

Thanks for your help.

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