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can't watch completed files while other files still downloading...


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here is my problem:

i'm downloading a single torrent that contains 3 seasons of a show, each contained in a separate folder in the torrent. i set the first season to the highest priority so it would finish first, and once that's done i do the same for the second season and so on. the only problem is, if i go to watch any episodes of the first season while the other two seasons are still downloading, the torrent completely screws up and gives me the "error: files from the job are missing or moved or something blah blah" so, i try the force re-check thing, and all seems well. after about 3 minutes of resumed downloading, the error msg will pop up again. i will do this over and over, as many times as i try to resume the download until i eventually have to re-download the thing from scratch. is there any way around this?

i have to go to work in 4 hours, so i desperately need to be able to access and watch the files of the second season at work....but i can't wait the estimated 7 remaining hours it will take to finish downloading the rest of the 3rd season.

any help would be hugely appreciated.

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