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DL 800 mgs vrs 4.30gig.


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I 'm curious here..

I dl a 800 meg torrent yesterday in lightning speed.[for me anyway].

I mean this puppy took off and the kb speed just kept climbing..

I was up to my max download speed of 270kb's..somewhere around 250 actually and stayed in triple digit speeds pretty much the whole download.

I was done in record time for a 270D/70U rate..

so I'm pretty sure my settings are correct..

A 4.30 gig torrent is a whole nother story.

I occasionally get up to 100kb's but more or less live around 40- 50 kb's with occasional bursts above 100kb's for a short time.

17 hrs to complete the torrent.

Either way, no where near as fast as above....

all things equal [seeds/peers/ why does the larger file always go so much slower? or does it..

could some of you tell me how long your 4 gig downloads average or should average?

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There isn't really any such thing as an average you can compare against. BitTorrent speeds are fickle because it's P2P, and as such, you are at the mercy of the peers with which you connect. It's all a luck-of-the-draw -- if you happen to connect to fast peers, then you'll have good download speeds.

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