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uTorrnet very slow/yellow light/red light


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hi i'm new here sorry if I post something wrong.

Basically ive been using uTorrent for mac for about 2 months now.

I used to get about a maximum of 3.5 kb/s, which was not great. Now all 1 kb/s which is unusable.

It does not matter how many peers/ seeders the torrent has, its still this slow.

I used to have a green light in the bottom right, so i presumed that it was just supposed to be this slow, but recently it has changed to yellow, so i thought id better ask.

I have set up a static IP address and i'm pretty sure that ive opened the ports.

I currently access the internet wirelessly, through a netgear router and have talktalk broadband.

I just downloaded something through my internet browser and got 700 kb/s so im pretty sure that it isnt my internet.


So i downloaded the new version: and the light has turned green.

Im still only downloading at 4 kb/s and uploading at 12 kb/s on a torrent that has 1850 seeders and 3000 peers.

Is this a respectable speed?

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im not really too sure about how to fix your problem if you forwarded your port correctly but there should be a huge problem if you are only downloading at anything less than 30 kb. I have been using it with the newer macbooks and when there 20 - 30 seeders that im downloading from i get at least 100 kb with a maxed out 900 kb. I have had times where my port wasn't forwarded properly when i am still getting 30 kbs so you should probably double check your port forwarding, maybe from a different site that can be found in other replies and maybe you can get better results.

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