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local peer connections


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I have two machines with local peer discovery and all local peer options enabled yet when both machines have exactly the same torrent which has local peer discovery enabled on it neither machine adds the other machine as a peer.

I have ruled out firewalls by turning them all off, uninstalling and disabling any firewall services and still no dice.

Each machine is on the same 192.168.1.x subnet and can ping each other easily enough.

I am running the latest alpha of utorrent build 14659

No matter how long i wait neither machine will find the other and local peer connect

If i manually add the other peer to one it will begin downloading at high speed above the upload cap so i know its seeing it as a local peer

the machine that i did not add as a peer does not even then detect the machine that is leeching off of it is a local peer

then for some unknown reason the local peer i manually added vanished from the list, i was able to re add the peer to the peer list easily enough without clearing the bans but it is odd that the peer vanished

i retryed this experiment with 10 torrents and the local peer manually added to each vanished after a few minutes from all the torrents peer list.

any ideas on whats going on would be handy

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(Well, saying "all" doesn't qualify/identify exactly which options you enabled. For all we know, you might not have known about the option in the torrent properties, in which case "all" would simply have meant Preferences > BitTorrent for you.)

At any rate, does your router block multicast packets?

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