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network ok but port not open


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I am new here and I just configured my pc. I now have a static IP and I configured the router. The icon is green sometimes but not always. Also every time I check my port, it says that it is not forwarding. Any help would be great. By the way I am running version1.82.


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Guys, I cannot get my transfer icon to go green. I even bought "Port Forwarding" thinking I was not forwarding the port I am using properly...but nothing.

My router appears to be forwarding fine, but my icon remains Yellow.

I have tried several fixes I found here, but..nothing works

Using Vistax32, and the latest Utorrent 1.8.2


At this moment my up is 43 kb, my dl speed is 1,4 mb

Now .. it seems to me that I do have connection, but still yellow icon.

Thanks for your help

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