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Seeding problems


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Hello everyone,

I used Azureus for quite some time and I have been using utorrent for about three weeks now. I like utorrent very much, I have increased my upload speeds without slowing down my cpu. I see people having problems saying utorrent is slow. I suggest using a dynamic port instead of the ones in the 6000 range. I can not rember the port ranges but the Wiki page for Azureus tells about the problems of using the ports in the 6000 range. Here is a link that talks about this. http://azureus.aelitis.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Anyway, on to my question. I really have not had any major problems with utorrent, except one thing that happens once in a while. I am using the same folder I created to save and store my previous files with Azureus and use it to save and store files from utorrent. When I go to seed files most start to seed after they get checked, but a few say that I only have like 40% of the files or one I had today said I only had 5.5% of the files and then it goes into the download mode again. So then I need to download it again in order to seed it again. I checked them out and they all are there and they played with no problems before I download them agin. Any reasons why this happens?

Thanks for the help and the great program for bit torrents! :)

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