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18 hours ago I downloaded 2 tv show episodes, went to work and was looking forward to watching them this evening.

When I got how I found out that one of the shows aired 2 episodes and only got the second of the two and so needed to get the other one.

I downloaded the torrent for this episode over 2 hours ago and have yet to see a single seed or peer.

Obviously 18 hours ago it was fine and now its not fine.

I dont have access to the router, never have and so my ports have never been forwarded and yet I can still download (when I actually can download) at speeds up to 400kb/s so it doesnt look like a port issue. According to the site from where i've downloaded the torrent, there over 2300 seeds and over 150 peers online at the mo.

This has put a bit of a downer on my evenings viewing and I will be be extremely graeful for any assistance.


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