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Questions about connection and a router that cant handle high speeds(?


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i have a 100/10 fiber connection and get like 60-80 out of 100 download and get over 10 upload(like 13-17, depends on what my bro is doin on his comp). I suspect that my router can't handle such high speeds since i used to have 24/1. Well, in the utorrent speed guide, should i use 10 or 20 mbit up? I also wonder why my "icon" wich by normal is green always is yellow when i fire up utorrent.


Why is my icon yellow when starting utorrent?

Do i need a new router in order to use all of my possible speed?

Should i use 10 or 20 mbit up in uTorrent speed guide?

Is it possible that utorrent speed guide, canyouseeme.org and trackers show that i have open port but still i don't?

My upload speeds are very abnormal. First they can be like 1mB/s and then drop to like 140 kB/s. It's like this pretty often, altough it is a torrent with (in this example) 1 seeder and 14 leechers.

Thats pretty much all for now. May come back later.

Now the torrent has 3 seeders and 17 leechers and the speed dropped to 40kB/s(after i had 100kB/s to 1mB/s for like 10 mins)... It's really weird, since i have over 10 in upload(altough speed is limited to 1120kB/s cuz of the speed guide) i should be able to max out my speed til the seed is like half the leech. On my last connection, if it were a torrent like this, i used to be over 100(max was a bit over 100) for a pretty long time. It says its 0(8) seeders and 1(15) peers on the torrent. Now i had 1mB/s for a while then it dropped down to 15kB/s and is arount 0-20kB/s. Some mins later, when i pressed up utorrent again,the icon was yellow for like a sec. Weird.

Also. Can someone link to a guide or something how to open ports for utorrent in Windows defender. I suspect that may be needed

Now the icon turned yellow for a couple of sec then green again.

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