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Port forwarding for uTorrent not working

Charlie Fingers

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Modem: Speedstream 4200

Router: Netgear wgr614 v7

Windows Vista Firewall and Windows defender (uTorrent allowed)

At first I was getting 100+ kb downs and eventually all tapered off until my max is the occasional 60 kb burst for less than 20 seconds even if there is over 1000 seeds. I did what portforwarding.com said and I still get "Checking port 12XXX on

Error! Port 12XXX does not appear to be open." from uTorrent. The odd thing is that the IP that it is checking is the external IP not the internal IP of, which is usual for netgear.

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I'd love to, but when I open the uTorrent User Manual .zip file and click on "adavanced guides" and then "more port forwarding" I get:

"The address is not valid.

Most likely causes:

*There might be a typing error in the address.

*If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date."

Any help with that?

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I've got a Netgear wnr834bv2. I finally was able to get the port forwarding working. Utorrent doesn't give me the "green" go below and states that there is no incoming connection although the upspeed ranges slightly below to 1/4 of the download speed. I just switched routers but never had this problem before. If I didn't have any incoming connections, would I being getting any upload stats? This router is a bit different than the d-link I had previously. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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