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Aggrivating uTorrent Connection Problem


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I have been having connection problems with my uTorrent ever since I got my new router. I added a new router into my network. My connection setup is as follows:

Modem --> D-Link DI-624 --> Linksys WRT54GL --> My Windows XP Professional PC

I've attempted several times to open the ports correctly. I have the same port opened on both routers, and my Windows XP Firewall. I'm pretty certain that my problems exist in the fact that I am using two routers, but I think it should be possible to fix this. (I have a long house, and require wireless connection on both ends.)

Some other information that might be relevant:

- uTorrent version 1.8.2

- Only Firewall is Windows Firewall

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I've noticed that both my routers have individual troubles with them as they are sold from the store, requiring Firmware updates/etc. But the proper way to configure the port forwarding/general connection setup of my network still stands. Thanks again.

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