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D/L speed stuck at 100kb/s


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Since a month i've a new computer. However since i upgraded my hardware i've some speed's issues with uTorrent. In fact my download speed stay stuck around 100kb/s (i've tried something like 20 torrents(even OpenOffice)). Sometimes for only a few minutes the speed goes up to 500kb/s (which was my previous speed). Also my upload speed isn't often to the maximum allowed... First i thought this was due to my ISP, but it isn't ...

I've a green network status (My port is OK and i allowed uTorrent in my Firewall). I've disabled the DHT, changed the Speed Setting like it's explain in the "Suggested changes for Speed Guide" topic (i've an average upload of 800 on speedtest.net and 720 on my provider test).

I'm using uTorrent 1.8.2, my computer is running with Vista 64bits (is it possible that the problem is due to the 64bits ?), my ISP is France Télécom (a french provider) and i'm using a WiFi connection.

Moreover i tried to download the same torrents with my brother laptop (running with a WiFi connection (in the same room than my computer) and Vista 32bits) using the same speed settings that on my computer and my average speed was 400kb/s. So the problem clearly come from my computer ...

Extras information: My antivirus is Avast!, my ISP isn't throttling torrents' speed, all the tests were done with only one computer connected.

My Speed Settings:

Upload Limit: 72

Upload Slots: 5

Max Peer per torrent: 50

Max number of connections: 150

Max active torrent: 5

max active upload: 4

net.max_halfopen = 8

Speed test:


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