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Does the client detect zeroed-out data when sending or recieving?

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So I start a download, the file is pre-allocated and zeroed-out, 25 percent is downloaded, and then I stop the download. The file remains without a '.!ut' extension. I move it to a 'temporary' folder. Then I start the download again, it does the usual, and finishes the download. I move the finished download to an organized folder leaving the torrent entry alone and forget about the whole thing.

Then one day I decide to seed the torrent, looked around, found the file in a 'temporary' folder and don't remember why it is there. I move it into the 'complete' folder and start seeding. The status lights up green indicating seeding and it looks dandy.

What happens now?

Does the torrent client start uploading 75 percent zeroed-out data and 25 percent valid data?

Is there a protection that prevents the seeding torrent client from sending zeroed-out data?

Does it correct itself and send only valid data?

Is there a protection on the recieving end that detects zeroed-out data?

Does it ip ban immediately, wait to ip ban on hash fail, or wait till valid data is recieved?

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No, there is no immediate/automatic mechanism to detect corrupted files.

- For µTorrent to know a file is corrupt, it needs to hash check it. It's prohibitively resource expensive for it to happen every time the torrent is started

- For another peer to know a piece is invalid, it needs to download the entire piece, hash it, and compare with the hash in the .torrent file's pieces key

- The IP banning scheme/criteria are client-dependent

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