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Running multiple instances of utorrent


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Hello there,

I have been using utorrent for a couple of months now and it's by far the best torrent client out there.

Recently i registered to some private trackers which require some additional settings to utorrent.However these settings aren't really that great for big public trackers.

I tried to make another installation of utorrent by renaming the application and placing it in a different folder,however it just keeps using the old/previous installation/settings.

What i really want to find out is if there's some way to have two utorrent applications on the same pc,one with X settings and one with Y settings and if possible use both at the same time!

Any help is greatly appreciated,thanks! :)

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Asked many times before (so please use the search before ;) :

You have to copy also the files in the %appdata% folder of utorrent to the new exe file.

utorrent.exe is looking for them in the same folder and uses them. Otherwise these files are used from the %appdata% folder (as done per installation).

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Worked liked a charm!Many thanks!

And sorry about that schnurlos!Will be more careful from now on :)

Edit : Haste made me turn to wrong conclusions fast.Another problem came up!

Copied the original exe for the private trackers along with the contents of %AppData% ==> utorrent into a folder in program files.

Deleted contents of %AppData% ==> utorrent

Made a new folder in program files for public torrents with a "fresh" utorrent exe,renamed to utorrent1.exe,run it and copied the original settings back to the folder.Closed it and opened my private tracker utorrent which worked fine.Tried to open public utorrent and got redirected to private tracker utorrent.

I'm way confused right now!

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