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Utorrent not remembering downloads


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Utorrent has worked fine for me for a long time but recently the application stopped remembering my new torrent downloads. At one point I had 3 torrents downloading but then this problem came and those three torrents returned to the middle of download completion every time I restart my computer. I have deleted my torrent folder and history data and have tried completely erasing utorrent from the computer. Whenever I reinstall utorrent, any new torrents I start will automatically disappear when I shutdown and restart my computer. These torrents download fine but the program does not remember them after I shutdown my computer. I can still download torrents completely if I do not restart my computer. Can anyone help me figure out what is going on? Perhaps there is something else I need to delete in order to start over fresh? Thank you for your help! I really do not want to use a different torrent application in order to get around this problem. Utorrent is the best!

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